Know These Signs That You Are Not Ovulating

A woman’s body is ever changing in order to be fertile grounds for a new life to take hold and grow. The day when a girl transforms into a woman is the day she gets her first period. The menstruation cycle of a woman shows that each month her body gets ready to welcome a new life into the world. The menstruation cycle does not involve bleeding alone. Before the onset of bleeding or periods, there are some complex changes within her body, including the ovulation. Simply put, this is when mature eggs are released from any of the ovaries ready to be fertilised by a sperm.

If by any chance ovulation does not occur, it means that the woman cannot get pregnant. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to look out for ovulation signs. It is possible to determine peak days of ovulation and you can easily plan a pregnancy around this time and be sure of the results.Just because your periods are regular and normal does not mean that you are ovulating.Here are some signs to know that you are not ovulating.

Signs that you are not ovulating are:

1.Menstrual chart: Plotting a menstrual chart is the key to understanding your own body. Ovulation signs make themselves known roughly 14 days prior to your next period depending upon how long your cycle lasts (between 28 to 35 days).

2.Listen to your body: Pay attention to your body throughout the menstrual cycle. You will catch the signs that your body throws your way in the form of cramps or twinges of pain in the abdominal area indicating ovulation signs.

3.Position of the cervix: This part of your body between the uterus and the vagina usually remain closed and low in the body. When ovulation approaches, it becomes soft and opens slightly showing ovulation signs.

4.Cervical mucus: This is a useful tool to know whether you ovulate. This mucus that shows up white against your panties will be slippery and stretchy if ovulation has started. The absence of this is one of the signs you are not ovulating.

5.Basal body temperature charts: Taken with a special thermometre, the basal body temperature is measured as soon as you wake up. If the temperature dips towards the middle of your cycle, you have ovulated. If not, it is one among the signs you are not ovulating.

6.Ovulation predictor kit: These are similar to pregnancy test kits and detect the presence of the luteinizing hormone which peaks right before ovulation. Using this kit you will be able to confirm signs you are not ovulating.

7.Fertility monitor: These are hand held computer devices used to test signs you are not ovulating properly. These are useful when you failed to test properly with the predictor kits and are more reliable.

8.Saliva test: This test measures the amount of oestrogen in your saliva as your ovulation nears. If you wish to test for signs you are not ovulating properly, test for a fern like pattern in your saliva. If present, it usually indicates ovulation.

9.Blood test: This is the ultimate foolproof way you can test for signs you are not ovulating properly. This will measure the level of progesterone in your blood, which is the hormone released by the ovaries after ovulation.

These are the signs to know that you are not ovulating.