Know These Fitness Benefits Of Hula Hoop Exercise

Hula hooping is not just a playful activity. It offers many fitness benefits. And it isn’t something that only kids must do; even adults can choose it as a workout option.This activity involves placing a hoop around your midsection and twirling it rhythmically without letting it fall down. Your belly and waist get involved and the muscles around get engaged well.It is a nice calorie burning activity and it also shapes your midsection well. It is also an entertaining activity.Here are some fitness benefits of hula hoop exercise.

Fitness benefits of hula hoop exercise are:

1.This workout strengthens the muscles around your waist. You can get rid of belly fat. Also, your core gets strengthened.

2.This workout is also good for your heart. It can enhance your cardiovascular fitness levels. Doing it regularly can prevent heart issues.

3.Regular hula hoping will also strengthen your spinal cord and also makes your body flexible. This will make your daily activities easier and will also prevent spinal injuries too.

4.This workout also helps in releasing the tension from your muscles and boosts blood circulation.

5.If you perform this workout for an hour straight, you can easily burn around 300-400 calories depending upon various other factors like the intensity and speed at which you do the exercise.

6.Studies claim that this workout engages more than 30 muscles in your body which means it can keep your whole body active.

These are the fitness benefits of hula hoop exercise. Desk: Asianet Online