Know These Ways To Decorate Home With Useless Ornaments

Many ornaments come with in pairs. For example, earrings, anklet and tow rings are few types of jewellery that come in pairs. If you lose one, the other half becomes useless. You either keep them in a drawer thinking that you will use it when find the lost pair. However, collecting single pieces of such ornaments is like collecting junk. You cannot help it because you never feel like throwing the ornament even if it is of no use now.If you really love your ornaments, you can use these useless pieces to decorate your house. 

1.Earring: If you have lost the other half of the earrings pair, use it for small things. You can use one earring as a board pin to pin your important notes. These earring or stud pieces will look cool on the board. You can also decorate the earring with colourful threads and use it as a showpiece. Just cover the earring with colourful threads and then tie a small knot. Place it in a showcase and see how attractive it looks. You can even use these decorated loop earrings on the table napkins.

2.Single anklet: If you have lost the mate of your anklet, you can use it to accessorise yourself. Enhance the beauty of your wrist by using the anklet as your bracelet. If you love to tie a bun and want to accessorise it, outline the bun with the anklet. You can also use anklet as an arm band. If you have a stone studded anklet, try it to get the traditional look. Hook it in on the left or right side of hair (just above the ear). If the anklet is plain, use it to tie your curtains ina bunch. You cannot have another anklet of the smae design, so use it for a curtain that has no pair.

3.Stone studded jewellery: Lost the earrings of a heavy embellished jewellery? Use the stones from it as beads for some home decor. You can either stick stones on the showpiece or use the stones to decorate the wall. Colourful stones will look great on the walls. Have plain photo frames? Extract stones from the jewellery and stick on the frame. Decorate the frame as a beautiful and shiny showpiece.

4.Toe ring: Insert the toe ring in your little finger and use this useless accessory as a new finger ring! You can also dip the toe ring in the fish tank and make it look like a aquarium showpiece. Wearing single toe ring is cool these days. Try this funky look once.

These are the ways to decorate your home with ornaments. Asianet Online