Know The Tricks To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

After the wonderful experience of your pregnancy, you are again blessed with the great experience of breast feeding your baby. Breast milk is nature's best food for your baby. It not only feeds the baby but also protects him from various diseases as it supplies various antibodies to his blood.However, breast feeding can be a concern if you produce less milk and you can't feed your baby. There are three rules of breast feeding or you can call them the three B's. These three B's are baby, breast and the brain. The breasts needs stimulation from the baby to increase milk production. This can be achieved by increasing the frequency of feeding. Your mind should be relaxed and there should be no stress.

1.Increase Feeding Frequency: You must breastfeed your baby every three hours during the day. This will help to increase your breast milk. If your baby is having a nap then wake him up to feed him.

2.Have skin to skin contact with your baby: While feeding your baby caress him and have skin to skin contact with him. This technique is called grooming. It will stimulate milk ejection reflex from your breast and the milk flow will increase.

3.Avoid pacifiers: Pacifiers will end the baby's suckling need and he will not suck on your breast long enough to produce the required amount of milk. If you want to increase you breast milk production, avoid giving pacifiers to your baby.

4.Take care of yourself: Taking too much stress and involving yourself in too many household chores will make you tired and you won't be able to spend a quality time with your baby. You will not get enough time to feed your baby and all these things can lead to decreased breast milk production.

5.Take your baby to the bed for feeding: Feeding your baby on the bed relaxes you and your baby. This increases the production of milk producing hormones resulting in more milk.

6.No need to wait until the breasts fill up: Your breasts are always filled with milk for the baby. The amount of milk in your breasts only increases when you feed your baby. The fat content in your milk is seen to be higher if your baby is fed frequently. Frequent feedings ensure that the baby gets milk of a better quality.

These are the tricks to increase breast milk naturally.