Know These Factors That Worsen Labor Pain

Pregnant women tend to be ecstatic about the fact that they will soon be mothers to little bundles of joy. But there is one thing that is sure to fill even an experienced mother with dread and fear - the pain of the birthing process. It is a fact that labor pain is unavoidable and every day hundreds of women go through it to have their babies.There is perhaps no way to escape the pains of labor; but there are a lot of things that can be done to make the pain a little less excruciating. These are some simple steps that are to be done when you begin your labor.

Some things need to be avoided, as they tend to make the pain worse than they need to be. Being careful and including these tips in your pregnancy plan can help you prevent unnecessary pain.Here are some factors that worsen labor pain.

1.Lying On Your Back: While lying on the back is the most preferred position to give birth, it is seen that it is also the position that puts all the weight of the baby on your back. This makes it the most painful position to give birth in. It can also obstruct your blood supply. Talk to your doctor and see if you can assume an upright or forward leaning position for at least a part of your labor.

2.Being Afraid Of Labor: New mothers tend to be scared of labor and the pains that come with it. Mothers that have already experienced labor remember the pain from the delivery before and fear it. Either way, the fear and anticipation makes the pain worse than it needs to be. It causes the body to tense up and prevents us from breathing properly.To get rid of the fear, you must read a lot and understand the birthing process. You can also join birthing and pregnancy groups for support and knowledge. Such groups are available online too. Positive company will help you focus on the delivery and having a healthy baby than on the pain it involves. Remember that all of it will pass and at the end of it, you will have your little one in your arms.

3.Not Having Adequate Birth Support: Though your obstetrician is the first person you talk to if you feel something is wrong, they probably will spend very little time in the labor room. It is important to have a good support in the form of gentle and friendly hospital staff or family in the labor room with you. Having someone familiar with you will help you to reassure yourself that everything is fine. Talk to your doctor and the hospital to meet with the staff that would be present at the delivery. This will help immensely in removing your apprehensions and fears.

4.Avoiding Stressful Environment While Birthing: Preventing any stress-inducing things in the birthing room is very important to help you be relaxed while delivering your baby. Make sure that the hospital you choose is safe and has a history of happy deliveries. Talk to the hospital authorities to see that you are not bombarded with machines, lack of privacy and strangers when you are trying to push out a baby. Visit the labor room when appropriate to make sure that you will feel relaxed when giving birth to your baby there.

5.Avoid The Use Of Artificial Methods To Speed Up The Labor: In some cases, it becomes very necessary for your doctor to administer artificial labor-inducing drugs or drugs to speed up labor. But if your labor is naturally progressing fine, then it is best to avoid the use of artificial methods. Use of artificial oxytocin can really speed up the long and arduous process of labor, but it can also cause intense pain. There are other things that are done to induce labor but they too can result in worse pains than if you leave the labor to progress naturally. It is best to let nature take its course, unless really necessary.

6.Ignorance About Natural Pain Relief Methods: You should learn and understand more about the various natural ways to prevent pain during labor. Once you know what they are, you can use them when in labor and save yourself from a lot of pain. The artificial drugs and epidurals tend to numb and disorient you. They will also cause you to be immobile. This can prevent you from pushing effectively and you may need a birth using forceps or by c-section. It will also cause you to suffer from more pain than by the natural means of pain relief.

7.Do Not Over Eat: Food is often comforting and soothing. You can use this fact to your advantage during labor. In the starting stages, you may have light and easy-to-digest foods that include fluids like tea. Keep away from fatty and hard-to-digest foods, as they can cause nausea and vomiting in the later stages of labor. Make sure to stay hydrated during the birth process. Clear liquids and ice chips are a very good choice.

8.Being Sedentary During The Labor: Lying down and waiting for the birth of your baby won't do you any good. It is important you remain active as long as you can into the labor. Walking with support and gently bouncing on an exercise ball are some of the things you can do to speed things along. If you can, do some gentle squats and lunges too.

These are the factors that worsen labor pain. Desk: Asianet Online