Know These Best Foods For Growing Children

‘Children will be children’ and never has this adage been truer than when it comes to eating. Making children eat the right food is a Herculean task for mothers, especially in this age when all junk food brands are wooing them with mouth-watering burgers, colas, chips, candies and what not. There are new names and still newer combinations of tempting foods, the sight of which can sweep even a sane adult off his or her feet. Needless to say, these foods contain only fats, sweetening substances and salts with little or no nutrition. Adults, therefore, have to consciously become role models and very smartly inculcate the habit of eating good food in growing children. Here are some of the best foods for growing children.

It is believed that good eating habits developed during childhood stay with a person for life. So parents must ensure that their kids develop a taste and liking for healthy foods at a young age itself. Desk: Asianet Online