Know These Easy Ways To Stop Baby From Getting Cranky

Babies cry for various reasons. Some of these reasons are temporary and others of more permanent nature. For example, if the baby is hungry, he or she will cry for a feed. If the baby has done potty, he or she might cry until the diaper is changed. However, a baby is cranky when he or she cries for a long time without any apparent reason. It is very difficult to soothe a cranky baby.

If you don't want to spend time learning how to soothe a cranky baby, then you have to make sure that your baby does not get cranky in the first place. A crying baby is easy to attend to. However, a cranky baby poses many problems. It is not easy to calm down the baby once it gets cranky. The baby will cry for small causes or sometimes even without any reason for hours.So try to soothe a cranky baby as soon as you realise that he or she is getting into a spree of crying. Most often, babies are cranky after their immunization shots. However, even small day-to-day things can make a baby seem cranky and irritable. Here are some simple ways in which you can stop your baby from getting cranky.

1.Feed On Time: If the baby is hungry for a long time, then there is a chance that the baby might get cranky. You must feed the baby on time so that the baby does not get irritable.

2.Don’t Leave The Baby Alone: If you leave the baby alone for some time, the baby might seek your attention. Babies cannot walk or move around on their own. They do get bored sometimes. So give the little one some attention.

3.Keep Talking To The Baby: If you have kept the baby safely in a cot so that you can carry on with your work, then, you should keep talking to the baby. This ensures that the baby does not feel lonely or scared.

4.Teething Toys Help: Babies who are going through the pains of teething are often cranky. So try giving the baby teething toys. They help the baby teeth grow faster and soothe their gums.

5.Don’t Keep The Baby Wet: You must ensure that the baby is not wearing a diaper that is soiled or too wet for long. This irritates the skin and makes the baby irritable. Keep changing the diaper before your baby gets cranky.

6.Make Sure The Baby Gets Sleep: You must ensure that the baby gets enough sleep. If the baby is not sleeping well, he or she remains tired. Crankiness is sometimes a sign of sleep deprivation.

7.Taking The Baby Out Helps: Being indoors all day long is very irritating for the baby. So try and take the baby out at least once during the day. This ensures that the baby get some fresh air.

8.Distract The Baby: You can distract the baby with some toys or facial expressions before the baby starts crying habitually. Breaking the crying spree in a baby is very important.

9.Maintain Baby’s Schedule: We often have change of schedule and patterns. We wake up and sleep at different times every day. But change of schedule is very difficult and confusing for babies. So try to maintain a regular schedule for babies. Any change in this schedule will affect the baby's mood.

These are the ways to stop baby from getting cranky. Desk: Asianet Online