Know These Effects Of Masturbation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase when hormones can play havoc. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are responsible for many moods, cravings and feelings during pregnancy.In certain times during pregnancy, even the cravings for intercourse may arise. But many women put aside the idea of masturbation during pregnancy as they perceive it unsafe for the foetus.In the same way, even masturbation during pregnancy isn't an idea that is entertained. If you are experiencing cravings for pleasure, don't shy away from consulting your gynecologist as masturbation doesn't do any harm at least for low-risk pregnancies. But if your pregnancy is seen as high-risk case, then it is not recommended to engage in intercourse or masturbation.Here are some effects of masturbation during pregnancy to know.

Effects of masturbation during pregnancy are:

1.It Releases Stress: Pregnancy can be very stressful. When you experience an orgasm, it gives you a rush and works more like a stress reliever.

2.Relief: Experiencing an orgasm could help you cope up with pregnancy-related issues like morning sickness, swollen feet, sciatica and even back pain.

3.Immunity: It is said that an orgasm during pregnancy can also boost immunity as it boosts antibodies which fight infections and cold.

4.A Better Option: Masturbation during pregnancy is much safer than intercourse. Also, during certain vulnerable phases of pregnancy, intercourse isn't recommended. But masturbation can be a safer option.

5.More Pleasure: An orgasm during pregnancy gives you much more pleasure compared to the orgasms that are enjoyed during normal time. The reasons could be hormones and extra blood circulation in the reproductive areas.

6.Releases Oxytocin: Oxytocin is a mood-boosting hormone. After an orgasm, your body experiences a high due to the release of oxytocin.

7.It's Safe: Generally, whatever you do during pregnancy, your first doubt would be whether it is safe for the foetus. Fortunately, an orgasm through masturbation is harmless to the foetus.

These are the effects of masturbation during pregnancy period. Desk: Asianet Online