Know These Gardening Tips For Citrus Trees

It becomes a little hard to imagine life without citrus fruits! Not just because citrus fruits are seen as the perfect taste enhancers in our food and drinks, but also because they are excellent sources of Vitamin C.Being carriers of several different antioxidants, citrus fruits help prevent many health problems, varying from heart diseases and cancer to skin damage from the sun's rays. Here are some gardening tips for citrus trees.

1.Varieties of Citrus Fruits: Before moving further, let us go back to our basics of science to freshen up our memories about the varieties of citrus fruits. Some of the most commonly known citrus fruits are: lemon, orange, tangelo, grapefruit and lime.

2.Planting the tree: Citrus trees and plants need sufficient sunshine, up to five hours a day should do for them. So while planting your citrus tree in your garden, make sure that you choose a bright sunny place for your tree to grow successfully. Spring season is generally preferred to plant citrus trees.Also, did you know that we do not necessarily need big backyards to grow citrus trees? Usually reaching heights of 3 to 5 ft, dwarf varieties of citrus trees grow well in pots. During winter nights, bring the pots inside as long exposure to extreme cold weather may damage the plant.

3.Special Care for the Potted Citrus: In order to grow a dwarf citrus in a pot, any sun-brightened place can be good enough for the plant to grow well. However, an important tip to remember is that gardening citrus trees in pots also requires constant care. For starters, make sure that your pot has enough room for the plant to flourish. Besides sunshine, a quality potting mix and constant watering are essentials for potted citrus plants.

4.Gardening Citrus Trees in the Orchard: Those who are willing to plant a mini-orchard should make sure that the grass is kept at a sufficient distance from the citrus tree's trunk in order to protect the tree from collar rot. Also, while planting, a minimum of two-metre distance should be kept between the citrus plants.

5.Common Causes of Citrus Tree Death: Frost, poor drainage, over-watering are some of the common causes for sudden death in young trees whereas, in older trees, collar rot is observed as the usual suspect for the death of the trees.

6.Harvesting: Once fully grown, citrus fruits develop a vibrant colour and are ready to be picked. An average 3 ft tall tree should not bear more than 20 fruits at a time.

These are the gardening tips for citrus trees. Desk: Asianet Online