Know These Gardening Tips For Green Chillies

Agriculture is what ultimately prompted civilized man to settle near rivers. It was the birth of the earliest settlements in human history. Today we have come a long way from our ancestors.We dwell in cities surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic. But, every once in a while we go out to the country and soak up the green trees and the pleasant smells.There are many people born with green fingers. No, they are not Martians or other aliens. They are people born with the gift of growing any plant from the earth. Gardening has been taken up as an interesting hobby by many people. Most, of course, are interested in growing bright and pretty flowers that beautify their garden.

There are some other people who like to grow vegetables and other edible plants. They have a vegetable patch by the kitchen door unlike those who depend on grocery stores for their vegetables. Green chilli gardening is an all time favourite of gardening lovers.Here are some gardening tips for green chillies.

1.Warm climate: The ideal climate for green chilli is a warm tropical climate. So, if you live elsewhere, green chilli gardening tips involve keeping the plants indoors or in a greenhouse for best results.

2.Sunlight: Green chilli likes it hot. So, while doing green chilli gardening, remember to plant your chilli in such a position that they are exposed to sunlight. The place must not be one where the night temperature falls below 15 degrees.

3.Soil type: Plant the chilli plants in fertile soil. If you are planting them in pots, make sure to use organic compost which gives the same effect as a well drained fertile soil.

4.Sowing: Chilli gardening tips include sowing several seeds in nearly 3 inch deep earth. Once little plants put their heads above the ground, replant them in a pot or in a different part of the garden in suitable conditions.

5.Watering: When growing green chillies, remember to water the plants regularly, but do not soak the roots or flood them as this will cause the plant to grow in a cold temperature and will not give the desired results.

6.Support: Green chilli plants can grow up to 60 cm in height. When they are laden with chilli, they tend to topple over. Chilli gardening tips involve supporting the main stem with a stout stick to prevent this.

7.Pesticides: When you are growing green chillies, you need not bother about using any kind of fertiliser to get rid of pests. The unique chemical composition of the green chilli wards off most pests and makes this unnecessary.

8.Harvesting: Once the plants are mature, it will only take a couple of weeks before green chilli is formed ready for harvesting. Here'a chilli gardening tip: you can pluck them from the plant while still green or wait till they turn red.

These are the gardening tips for green chillies.