Know These Parenting Tips For Bottle Feeding Your Baby

When you are done with breastfeeding and ready with the bottle, there are some tips you should keep in mind. When your baby is ready for the bottle, you as a parent should be ready too. There are certain things you should keep in mind when you turn to bottle feeding. Unlike breastfeeding, bottle feeding is a little more heavier for your child to consume. Therefore, as a parent you should keep in mind certain things which will avoid your child from danger. Changing from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, your little one will also experience some tummy problems too like constipation and even loose motions. This is completely normal since the diet has been changed. Another thing you should know that when it comes to breastfeeding it is a lot more easier when compared to bottle feeding. Babies are more expectable to breastfeeding than bottle feeding and this can be a problem when your child doesn't except the bottle with gratitude.Here are some parenting tips for bottle feeding your baby.

1.Type of bottle: It is very important for you to select the material of the bottle. Glass can be dangerous but much better than plastic. However, some parents prefer to use glass as it is free from bisphenol A (BPA) a kind of material which is used in some plastic bottles.

2.Nipples: Nipples are either made out of latex or silicone. According to experts, it is believed that latex is much more preferred as silicone could be harmful to your baby. An important thing to keep in mind is to regularly check the nipple for cracks and discolouration.

3.Sterlise: A parenting tip to keep in mind is to sterlise the bottle before bottle feeding. When you sterlise the bottle, you are removing all sorts of bacteria which is present in the bottle especially if you are using plastic.

4.Check Before Feeding: You need to check the liquid in the bottle before you start bottle feeding your baby. Check to see if the milk is at room temperature before you feed your little baby. How: Dab a little milk on the palm of your hand or the inner wrist of your hand to test the hotness of the milk.

5.Hold Your Baby: When it comes to bottle feeding your baby, you should hold your child upright in your arms. The quality of the milk is much more heavier than breastfeeding therefore it will be heavy on your child to swallow.

6.When He Is Done: Your baby will let you know when she is finished feeding. She may stop sucking, turn away from the bottle. This is one of the things parents should keep in mind when they are bottle feeding their baby.

7.Burping: This is extremely important for parents to keep in mind. When your baby is done with bottle feeding, you should make sure to lift your baby over your shoulder and allow him/her to burp. Gently rub your baby's back while he/she is resting on your shoulder. This will help your baby to burp faster. Make sure to follow this when you are bottle feeding.

8.If They Spit Up: If they spit up, there is nothing to panic about. It is quite a normal thing when it comes to bottle feeding babies. Experts say that they only reason why babies spit up is only because they are full and it is indigested food.

9.Milk Storage: Some parents are often confused about storing breast milk. It is said that breast milk can be stored only for a couple of hours in the bottle. If your baby has started with formulas then you can store it for a day. Make sure not to store the milk in the bottle.

10.Formula Switch: When it comes to bottle feeding babies, you should be careful about switching formulas. Go easy on the baby formulas as it can hinder your baby's tummy.

These are the parenting tips for bottle feeding your baby. Desk: Asianet Online