Know These Reasons Why Babies Cry At Night

There are many reasons why babies cry and understanding their tears is something only a mother or a nanny can do. Did you know that there are different types of cry which a baby indicates to his/her mother? It is indeed fascinating, no matter how sad it is to hear the painful shrill of your little newborn.Normally, babies cry at night because they are hungry, need a diaper change or even the thought of fear can make them to shed tears.Here are some reasons why babies cry at night.

1.Sick: When your baby is sick, they tend to be cranky and moody all the time. This is one of the reasons why babies cry at night.

2.To Be Changed: Babies hate to lie in their own poop even if it has to be for a minute. It is best to opt for huggies at night instead of cloth napkins.

3.To Be Fed: Feeding your baby needs to be clocked in by the mother. If you forget or delay the feeding, your baby will begin to howl the whole night.

4.When In Pain: One of the main reasons why babies cry at night is because they might be experiencing pain. Their skin is delicate, so even a mosquito bite can make them cry.

5.When The Mom Goes Missing: When they learn that their mother is not around, they get tensed and start to worry. This is one of the reasons why babies cry at night.

6.To Get Attention: Baby wants some affection, and just wants to be held by either the mom or dad. A warm cuddle will calm your baby and soothe him.

7.When Rash Troubles Them: The feeling of discomfort when your baby has a rash is indescribable. Understand this cry of your baby and look into some home remedies for treating diaper rash.

8.When Tired: When they are tired and not able to sleep, babies usually cry. At this moment, singing a lullaby to your little one can help.

9.Upset Tummy: Upset tummies are painful especially if they have to pass stools during the night. This also disturbs the baby's sleep pattern which is why they cry.

10.The Environment: Sometimes, a noisy environment can create disturbance for the little baby, which then leads to them crying at night.

These are the reasons why babies cry at night. Asianet Online