Know These Risks of Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginoplasty is a surgery done to tighten, reshape or repair the structure of the lady parts. It can be done to correct the structural changes which are a result of a disease, accident or childbirth. It is also opted by men who wish to physically look like women. Some women choose this option after reaching menopause stage and some women choose it after childbirth as the muscles around the lady parts may not be as firm as before.The problem with vagino-plasty is that it is an invasive procedure which might have some side effects which most of the advertisements may not let you know.Here are some risks of vaginal tightening surgery.

1.Any surgery involves some level of risk. Post surgery, some women experience pain and swelling for 15-20 days.

2.There are so many nerves located near the privates. They work together to create orgasmic experience. If any of them get cur or damaged during the surgery, the person may lose sensation in the genitals which might deprive the person of pleasure.

3.Some women who go through this surgery may experience pain during intercourse later on. This might wreck their bed life.

4.Private parts are very sensitive. Therefore, it is better to avoid it unless it is inevitable. A surgery done for health purposes is okay but getting under the knife only for cosmetic purposes may be risky.

5.Some of the side effects include scarring, pain, excessive bleeding and infection. As there are several natural methods and exercises to feel firm down there, health experts recommend avoiding invasive procedures unless as a last resort.

These are the risks of vaginal tightening surgery. Asianet Online