Know These Smart Ways To Make Baby Sleep In Cot

Almost all parents who can afford it buy baby cots for their infants. And with the cots come a smug expression from the grandparents; 'the baby will not sleep in the baby cot' they say from experience. It is an universally accepted fact that babies have a tendency to reject sleeping in baby cots. And yet, we cannot help but try to make the baby sleep in his/her cot.First of all, you have to understand that it is all about practice. Sometimes, you will lose sleep when the baby awakes while sleeping in the baby cot. But in the long run, it is better to get the baby to sleep in the cot. Co-sleeping with the baby might be an option when your baby is very young. Newborns feel comfortable sleeping at their mother's breast. But beyond a point, you have to make the baby sleep in the cot if you do not want to compromise on your marital life. Sleeping separately in a cot also gives the baby more space to toss and turn.Here are some smart ways to make baby sleep in cot.

1.Make It Snug: You need to make the baby cot comfortable with a padded mattress, blankets and make it a very snug place to curl in.

2.A Touch Of Familiarity: Place a comforter like your baby's favourite toy, blanket or pillow in the cot. Breastfeeding mothers can sprinkle some expressed milk on this comforter so that it smells of you and the baby is reassured.

3.Put The baby To Sleep In The Cot: Most parents make the mistake of putting the baby to sleep and then transferring him/her to the cot. Ideally, you should put the baby to sleep while he or she in lying in the cot so that they get used to it.

4.Hang A Mobile Toy On The Cot: Hang a mobile toy on the cot that emits different types of soothing sounds. This helps the baby to stay entertained when he or she is not sleeping but just playing in the cot.

5.Cover The Baby: Sometimes, we tend to fear that making the baby too warm might wake him/her up. But a light cover on the baby is necessary for comfort.

6.Make It Airy: Make sure your baby is not getting hot and sweating in the cot. Keep the cot at a place where the baby gets enough natural breeze or air from the fan. But never keep the cot near the A/C or cooler.

7.Make It Dim Not dark: Your baby's nursery should have dim lights but it should not be pitch dark. Your baby might wake up and get scared due to the darkness in the middle of the night.

These are the ways to make baby to sleep in cot. Desk: Asianet Online