Know These Tips To Wash Leggings At Home

Leggings is an elegant alternative for jeans. It is slim fit and looks fabulous with kurtis and tops. However, washing and maintaining these leggings can be tricky. To keep your leggings fitting and clean,here are some tips to try.

1.Always read the label before washing. Many fabrics get spoils after one or two washes. Therefore, read the instructions before washing them.

2.It is best to wash leggings with hand. Soak them in detergent for 15-20 minutes and then wash gently.

3.Avoid using brush. This only spoils the fabric and elasticity of leggings. Use your hands to wash the leggings.

4.Chemicals and bleaches can spoil the colour and quality of the leggings. Therefore, use liquid detergent only.

5.If your leggings is stinking of sweat or has mud stains, soak in water. Add few drops of lemon juice in water and leave the leggings for 10 minutes.

6.Never wash leggings in hot water. To maintain the elasticity of the fabric, use only cold water.

7.Use fabric conditioner after washing. This preserves the quality of the leggings.

8.To remove stains, use a damp cloth piece. Regular washing can damage the elasticity of leggings.

These are the tips to clean leggings at home. Asianet Online