Know These Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods To Avoid

You all know that there are several methods to lose weight. Some may work, and some may not. But did you know that not all the methods that you follow are considered to be healthy? Some weight loss methods can turn out to be extremely unhealthy and can also have various consequences in the body. These can turn devastating as well.Some of the weight loss methods that you choose can turn out to be hazardous to your physical and mental well-being. Everyone out there is looking for quick and easy methods to lose weight and hence they fail to recognize what is healthy and what is not. People believe that eating less is what helps with weight loss. You must know that not eating enough can again lead to several issues like neuroendocrine disruption like hormonal imbalance, lean muscle loss as well as lowering of the metabolic rate.Here are some unhealthy weight loss methods to avoid.

Unhealthy weight loss methods to avoid are:

1.No Calorie Diet: Healthy fats will actually help you with weight loss. The zero-calorie trend that people follow is actually laden with harmful artificial sweeteners and products that give fake promises of weight loss. Further, diet drinks can also cause weight gain.

2.Drugs And Pills: Drugs are known to be the quickest solution for weight loss. But these are known to damage the brain and heart in the long run and hence these have to be avoided by all means.

3.Master Cleanse: For this weight loss routine, people will have to give up on solid foods for at least ten days. This diet includes laxatives and all other liquid drinks. Going on this diet can cause long-term weight gain, nutrient deficiencies, kidney problems, heart problems and a weakened immune system.

4.Skipping On Meals: This is also one of the top unhealthy weight loss methods. The after-effect of this method can vary in different people. If you skip meals, your metabolic system can slow down and can lead to weight gain.

5.Purging: Purging is considered to be very dangerous. This can often come with serious psychological changes. Purging can lead to bulimia and increase a person's craving for food further.

6.Laxatives: This is one of the common unhealthy weight loss methods. Consumption of laxatives in any form like herbs, powders, pills, etc., can help reduce weight. But having these continuously can weaken the digestive health and can cause abdomen-related complications.

7.Smoking: Smoking is known to send signals to the brain to increase the metabolic rate and also kill hunger. Chronic smokers have the ability to skip meals and also do not feel any effect. This method can cause adverse reactions in the body, as it can become weak and also prone to cancer and other infections.

8.Over-Exercising: Rigorous workout pattern is known to cause negative effects. These won't help with weight loss and can only cause muscle damage. Moderate exercising and healthy diet is what you must adopt for weight loss.

9.Supplements: Taking supplements along with drugs and pills are also another form of a unhealthy weight loss method. Taking these are known to increase the blood pressure and heart rate in the long run.

10.Air Diet: This bizarre weight loss method is about getting through emotions of consuming food without actually eating it. As per air diet, you need to take the food until your mouth, but only savour the scent and not eat it.

11.Grapefruit Oil: This is another form of an unhealthy weight loss method. The idea is to sniff the grapefruit oil whenever you're hungry. It is believed that this oil contains appetite-suppressing agent but this theory is not backed by a research yet.

12.Vinegar Shots: Taking vinegar shots three times a day before a meal is known to help lose weight. Some health experts claim that vinegar helps in flushing out excess fats in the colon and helps curb the cravings. But this method is known to be an unhealthy way of losing weight and there is no proper evidence to prove if this would actually work or not.

These are the unhealthy weight loss methods to avoid. Desk: Asianet Online