Making a plan for exercising in pregnancy


Why does a pregnancy exercise goal plan help?

Writing down your activity goals and things you’ve already done lets you plan ahead, and you can see your achievements.

You can decide what activities you’d like to do, or what will be possible, depending on your work, any older children and other things that are going on in your life.

How can I make meeting my pregnancy exercise goals easier?

Make it a group activity

You may find exercising with another person more fun than doing it alone. Ask a friend or your partner if they will keep you company by walking, swimming or doing a class with you.

Count your steps

Using a pedometer (a device that counts your steps as you walk) can make it easier to keep track of your activity. Make it a competition with yourself by counting your daily or weekly steps and seeing if you can add to it bit by bit.

You can add more steps by:

walking to the shops

getting off the bus a few stops earlier

parking your car before you reach where you’re going and walking the rest of the way

taking your dog for an extra walk

climbing the stairs instead of using the lift.

Don’t forget your pelvic floor

Make sure you give your pelvic floor muscles a workout as part of your daily routine. Strong pelvic floor muscles will help you ease your baby out and recover more quickly after the birth. Desk: Asianet Online