Mistakes Parents Make With Children

1.Giving less responsibility to children

Many a times, it happens that in the pursuit of showering your love upon the child, you often tend to give him/her less responsibility. I’ve known many people who’ve pampered their children so much that they do everything for them. As a result, the child has no clue about responsibility or self-help. What these parents don’t realize is that, today they are there for their child but what about tomorrow? They forget that they have to make their child an independent individual, not a dependent person.

2.Not adapting with time to understand the current generation

Do you remember how you felt when your folks did not understand your generation? Well, wake up now. You don’t know much about your children’s generation too. Get active, be involved in groups, read latest trends and happenings, and more importantly – learn to think like a teenager. I’ll tell you why. If you don’t adapt yourself to think like your kid does, you will not be able to know what they are thinking or feeling. It makes life difficult.

3.Being too busy for family

Day care, school time, classes, courses, blah blah blah. You may be able to afford the best school or best teacher in town, but nothing can substitute your presence. Do you still remember those wise words your parents told you when you were a kid? Yep, words leave a lasting impression. Spend more time with the kids. Talk, play, go on vacations, have fun – do what you like, but spend more time! This time will never come again and is too precious to let go.

4.Punishing children

Okay okay, before you start making judgments, hear me out. It is very important to infuse the value of ‘law’ within your children. They should know that breaking the rules will have dire consequences. Like, if you have told your kid not to play ball in the house, he still does, and breaks the window; you’ll probably dish out a few harsh words and get the window replaced. Nah, not enough! Make him earn for a new window. Well, not literally, but say something like “You’ll have to do the laundry for a week because you broke the window” When kids learn to obey the law, they become good law abiding citizens.

5.Venting out anger on children

Had a bad day at the office? Can’t get things done? Coming home late? How annoying is it to go through these things and come back home to pick up an argument with your kid? Remember, you don’t take your family to work. So don’t take your work to your family. Keep it separate. Venting out anger on your children is very easy to do. I think the easiest way to avoid this is to take a deep breath, take a moment of solace, and ask yourself “Do they really deserve this mood of mine?” “Can I act like an adult and do something to make it better?”

6.Taking decisions on kid’s behalf

Let your kids suffer the consequences of making a decision. If you keep making decisions on their behalf, their decision making capacity will be halved. You will agree with me when I say that it is very important to make the right decision at the right time in life. We understand that now! The earlier your children learn and understand the importance of making good decisions, the better it will be. It will make them responsible adults.

7.Expecting too high grades

How long have you been working for now? Do you realize what it takes to survive in the real world? Getting good grades throughout school may get you a nice certificate but it will not help you in an argument with a colleague at work. Yeah you know what I am talking about – life skills. I am not demeaning education. Education is very important and lays down the foundation for a wonderful life. But make sure you actively participate in your child’s upbringing and teach them more about the real world.

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