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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women

After childbirth or as you get older, you may notice that your pelvic floor muscles have weakened. The pelvic muscles support the bladder, bowel, and...

Sweaty Vagina: Why It Happens and What You Can Do

What causes this? For many, sweat is an uncomfortable fact of life — especially when it happens in the land down under. Sweating is your body&r...

The Ultimate Color Guide to Vaginal Discharge

Let’s be real. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve pulled down our pants in the bathroom, seen a different color than usual, and a...

Loose Vagina: What Causes This, How to Tighten Up

When it comes to the vagina, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Some people, for example, believe that vaginas can lose their elasticity an...

Know These Signs Of Unhealthy Vagina

Vaginal health is equally important as that of the health of other organs in the body. Vaginal health is especially important for the overall well-be...

Bacterial Vaginosis:Causes, Symptoms,Treatment & Prevention

Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina. Your vagina contains d...

Reasons Behind Early Menopause That You Must Know

  Usually, the onset of puberty occurs around the age of 12 for most women, and menopause happens anytime after the age of 45.Menopause is a pha...

Facts To Know About Regular Periods After Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth is like a huge turmoil for the body. Your entire hormonal system is out of track and you just don't know what to expect any ...

Know These Simple Reasons For Nausea After Childbirth

Nausea is very common during pregnancy. But there are certain women who may experience nausea even after childbirth, which is called postpartum nause...

Reasons Why Some Women Take Longer To Get Pregnant

It is a fact that women of the previous generation got pregnant effortlessly. Today, the percentage of women suffering from fertility issues is incre...

Tips for Parenting During COVID-19

Parenting is challenging any time but all the more at times like this. Both parents and children are scared about the things going on in the world ri...

Coronavirus: Guidelines For Pregnant Women & Mothers

With the COVID-19 outbreak being declared a pandemic, the anxiety around what the virus could mean for pregnant women is critical. However, healthcar...

How To Prevent Down Syndrome In Babies

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic ...

Best Drinks to Have And Avoid During Pregnancy

Proper hydration is very important during pregnancy. Water is especially needed by the body for many different kinds of functions. Flushing out the t...

Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, you may experience swollen feet and ankles, especially if you are on your feet for long periods of time, are required t...

The Best Ways To Remove Pubic Hair

You really don’t need to remove your pubic hair for any health reasons, sexual or otherwise, other than perhaps decreasing odor from sweat. Whe...

Ways To Fight Against Stretch Marks Using Castor Oil

There is a common myth that women face the problem of stretch marks only during pregnancy, which is not entirely true. Rapid progression of puberty s...

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Intimate Hair

Pubic hair is natural and so is the need to get rid of it. Maintaining intimate health is an important part of our overall health. And removing the p...

Know These Interesting Facts About Ovulation

Couples who wish to become parents may need to keep an eye on the ovulation days. In fact, couples who don't wish to become parents may also need to ...

Things To Know About IVF Procedure

IVF is nothing but the concept of 'test-tube baby' which was discovered only a few decades ago. This treatment is required for women who have issues ...

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