Saturday, June 19, 2021


Good Manners You Must Teach Your Kids

1.Greet everyone you meet. How nice would you feel if a little kid greeted you as ‘Aunt’ or ‘Mrs.’, when you bump into them a...

Know These Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic And Onion Smell

Garlic and onion are two ingredients that make the dishes tasty. The smell of these ingredients can add a flavour to the dish but, the same smell fro...

Know These To Clean Mosaic Floors

Mosaic flooring has become very popular in modern home decor. They look very stylish and are unique flooring techniques. The only problem with mosaic...

Know These Fun Ways To Spend Your Time When Home Alone

So you are sick and have taken a few days off work, your friend or boyfriend has ditched you for the day and you do not have a plan B, your vacation ...

Coronavirus: Guidelines For Pregnant Women & Mothers

With the COVID-19 outbreak being declared a pandemic, the anxiety around what the virus could mean for pregnant women is critical. However, healthca...

Ways To Cope With Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

The joys of being pregnant surely come along with several hurdles, which a to-be-mom needs to cross. One of them being the urgency to answer nature'...

How To Prevent Down Syndrome In Babies

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic ...

Ways To Fight Against Stretch Marks Using Castor Oil

There is a common myth that women face the problem of stretch marks only during pregnancy, which is not entirely true. Rapid progression of puberty s...

Things To Know Before Falling In Love With A Coworker

  Falling in love is such an amazing thing that can happen to anyone. The feeling of loving someone and being loved by someone gives you a high....

Spices That Increase Breast Milk Production

  How many of you new mothers add spices to your meal? A new study suggests that if you are having trouble with milk production, the only thing ...

Simple homemade pregnancy test to try

  Homemade pregnancy test to try Whether you are trying to conceive or you're worried that you might be pregnant, getting a pregnancy test kit ...

Safest home remedies to treat constipation in infants

​Safest home remedies to treat constipation in infants Breast milk can be easily digested by babies and is considered a natural laxative. Thus, const...

Meditation for Weight Loss – Does It Really Work?

Weight management has become considerably important over the past decade. The significance of keeping control over one’s weight has risen due t...

What You Should Eat After a Workout Session

1. Carbs Carbs help in building muscle and burning fats. While consuming foods rich in carbohydrates is important, you should not overdo it. Make sur...

Non-Boring Butt Exercises if You’re Out Here Doing the Same Damn Squats All the Time

1. Single-Leg Glute Bridge Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor. Extend one leg. On your exhale, squeeze you...

Home Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Cross Jack Do this cardio move between between strength exercises. A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. Jump feet wide as you raise arm...

Keeping Your House Clean This Monsoon

Rains are definitely a huge respite from the heat that encapsules us in the summer season. But the rains in a tropical country like ours have a...

Smart Tips To Make Your House Dust-Free

1) Do Away With Carpets: Carpets are the major store-houses of dust particles. Even if you vacuum them every day, it may be necessary to give th...

How Organize Your Closet Smartly

1. Use the hanger for clothes that you intend to re-use later Dumping clothes that you’ve worn with an intention to re-use them later, can make...

Amazing Tips for Keeping Your House Cool

1.Use shading techniques One of the simplest yet effective ways to cool your home is to employ shading techniques. By using various shading tech...

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