Saturday, August 15, 2020


Gardening Tips For Neem Tree

The neem tree originated from the Indo-Malaysian region and it mostly thrives in tropical and sub tropical countries like Africa and Asia. Growing a ...

Gardening Tips For Summer

The heat is setting in and it is now time for the garden lovers to start working for their plants. Summer gardening is a challenging task as summer h...

Why You Should Not Lift Heavy Objects When Pregnant

Most of our elders keep saying that its not safe to lift heavy objects when a woman is pregnant. Lifting anything below 10 kilos may be okay but anyt...

Wall Hangings With Art To Decorate Home

Do you like decorative walls or want something added to enhance their beauty, something attractive? Why not try some arts work for the walls of your ...

Things To Know About Can Pregnant Mothers Eat Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise was your favourite in the past but if you are pregnant, you may wonder whether you can still spread it on your sandwiches and burgers.Mayo...

Know These Symptoms Of ICP In Pregnancy

Physically speaking, pregnancy is not the best period of a woman's life. There are many aches and pains associated with it that might not be pleasant...

Things To Consider Before Naming Your Baby

After you have had a baby, the first thing you would look into is getting a perfect name to fit your little bundle of joy. Though there are a million...

Know These Reasons For Spotted Menstrual Cycle

Spotting between menstrual cycles or right before your next period is common. Spotting, in most cases, indicates that you are in for your next period...

Ways To Lose Leg Weight Easily

The weight gain in the legs not only looks ugly but also gradually reduces their strength as well. This loss of strength may cause knee aches at time...

Ways To Get Ready For Summer Workouts

When you are preparing for summer workouts, you must be very careful. Your body must be able to take the heat of the climate and the intensity of you...

Ways To Maintain Your Weight Loss

It really feels good when hard work of months pays off and you achieve the weight you desired and craved for so long. But the challenge is still on. ...

How Many Calories Is Suitable To Lose Weight

In today's world when everyone is busy maintaining a perfect body shape, it is increasingly important that individuals should know the basics of burn...

Safety Shopping Tips

If we’re anything alike, you eschew the grind of mall shopping and do the majority of your present purchasing in the comfort of your own home. ...

Know These Safety Tips For Driving

Safety is something that drivers should keep in mind at all times. After all, when you are operating a motorized vehicle, you have a responsibility t...

Safety Tips For Card Cloning

They, the criminals will swipe your card through a machine known as a card skimming device to copy all of your credit card / bank customer details, w...

Vehicle Parking Safety Tips

Safety is important to safeguard you, your vehicle and your most important possessions: Lock your Vehicle Always lock your vehicle. Close Windows Ke...

Reasons To Avoid Sending A Sexy Selfie

Today ‘Selfies’ are trending and how! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more – selfies today are the ‘in’ thing everywhe...

Know About How To Clean Makeup Brushes

For those of you who think that cleaning makeup brushes is a waste of time, here is an anecdote. Imagine you pick up your round powder brush to do a ...

Know The Home Decor Tips For Your Patio

The patio is an outdoor living area most often found in Spanish style homes. It has gained much popularity in modern times as it offers a place to ta...

Tips To Traveling During Pregnancy

1. Plan your trip after consulting your doctor Book the tickets for your trip only after your GP/OB-GYN approves of your journey, which is when he/sh...

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