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Tips For Busy Moms To Stay Fit

1. Make Workouts Part of Your Daily Calendar  The time isn’t just going to magically appear, you have to actually make the time. Shocker, ...

Lack of Sleep Linked to Weight Gain For New Moms

If your new baby is keeping you awake at night, take note: A first-of-its-kind study suggests that sleep deprivation after giving birth may limit a n...

Women Should Do to Prevent Weight Gain After 40

Finding it hard to lose weight as you inch closer to 40 years? Most women face the same issue because they tend to focus more on work and less on wor...

Sex Lies Women Say To Their Partner In Bed

Sex is just one part of a relationship, but it’s a very intimate, satisfying, and emotional component many enjoy. As brutal as it sounds, somet...

Parenting Behaviors That Prevent Children From Being Happy

As parents, your primary job is to raise your children so that they become healthy, happy adults who can manage themselves in the world on their own....

Reasons To Forgive Your Parents For Their Toxic Behavior

As we grow older, we often realize that the traits we dislike about ourselves were instilled in us by our parents. No matter who you are or where you...

Irregular Menstrual Period

The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. A normal menstrual period lasts from 2 to 7 days. The normal cycle patterns can range from 21 to...

How To Minimize The Risk Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage can leave a couple severely shaken as the anticipation of having a baby suddenly turns to grief over a loss. Many feel devastated and gui...

Tips For Healthy Exercise During IVF

  While parenthood is a part of many people’s life plan, it's becoming a goal that a large number of people put off until later in life. Un...

Teenagers Risks of Infertility

  Lack of money, building a career and not finding the right partner are all reasons why teenagers and carrier building women may leave having a ...

Are Saline Injections for Temporary Breast Enlargement Safe?

  As long as women have had breasts, there have been various methods used to try and make them more attractive. From push-up bras to the earliest...

Pregnant Women Should Eat Dark Chocolate

  The seeds of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree having an intense bitter taste, are fermented to develop the cocoa flavor. After fermentation, t...

Best Positions For Optimal Breastfeeding

Optimal Breastfeeding Breast feeding is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life, yet filled with insecurities. Relax — feeding your bab...

Pregnancy and Your Feet

Weight gain and water retention during pregnancy cause significant physical changes that often lead to foot discomfort. Alteration in center of gravi...

Winter Nail Colors

There are so many different colors to choose from this winter when manicuring your nails. You can go minimal, with just one colour, or use a few, eit...

Skin Care vs Skin Type

Once you have determined your skin type, you are ready to learn how to care for it. Whatever your skin type, oily or dry, moisture is the key to a yo...

Change Household Chores Into A Workout

You can get the body to serve you well by challenging your flexibility, strength, stability, and endurance by changing household chores into a workou...

Supercharge Your Health with Massage Therapy

Most of us are interested in staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. How to actually make that happen though can be a challenge. ...

Real Risks Associated with Cannabis Exposure During Pregnancy

A new study from researchers at Western University and Queen’s University definitively shows that regular exposure to THC, the main psychoactiv...

Cardiac Arrest During Pregnancy

Cardiac arrest and other causes of death during pregnancy are on the rise. In the U.S., the most common causes of maternal cardiac arrest include ble...

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Women Should Do to Prevent Weight Gain After 40

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