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Exercises that you should perform for a healthy brain

Do these exercises regularly Exercising regularly is not only necessary for a fit body, but it is also good for your brain and prevents diseases like...

What is good health?

Fast facts on health Here are some key points about health. More detail is in the main article. Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social...

How to lose weight without performing cardio?

Cardio or cardiovascular exercise is a high-intensity workout, which elevates your heartbeat and helps you burn more calories in a short period of ti...

The surprising link between stress and skin problems

The connection between stress and your skin The most common skin problems triggered by prolonged stress are rashes or acne, which can be stimulated b...

Well-behaved parents have well-behaved kids

A key question that the story highlights is the cyclical nature of bullying or abuse. A boy sees her dad physically abusing his mother and he go...

Why some people bruise more often than others

Why do we bruise? Bruises can be minor or concerning, depending on the situation and injury. But, at the base of it, we tend to bruise for a sim...

3 things parents get wrong about infant care

From handling the baby, to timing its feeds and ensuring that she is protected from unwarranted germs and infections, they have their minds as w...

Early signs of fertility problem

The signs of infertility aren't always easy to spot and the cause of female fertility can be difficult to diagnose at times. This is why it is i...

Everything You Need To Know About IVF Treatment

In nature, this process of fertilisation of the egg by the sperm takes place in the fallopian tube of the woman. This is in vivo fertilisation. ...

Natural Seeds Which You Can Add In Your Daily Diet

1. Flax seeds Being good sources of fibre, iron and protein, they have a capacity to fill you up quite quickly, and hence, they help you eat in ...

Pregnancy Risks After 30

‘Age is just a number’ is something that we have heard many people saying, and is something that we completely abide by. But sometim...

3 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat

1. Triceps Kickbacks This is the most-recommended and popular arm-shaping exercise, and quite easy to do.Pick a dumbbell weighing around 1-2 kg ...

Yoga Exercises That Stimulate Blood Circulation To The Scalp And Boost Hair Growth

1. Sirasasana  This exercise involves balancing your entire body on your head. You need to invert your body, with your head resting on the ...

Foods To Eat And Avoid On Empty Stomach

  1. Nuts Rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and good omega 3 fatty acids, nuts give you amazing benefits when eaten on an empty stomach. ...

Magical Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

Health Benefits 1. Cold and cough The iconic spice drink has been used as a healing agent since times unknown. Be it a sore throat, running nose, cou...

Never feed your baby these 5 things in his first year

As new parents, we all make a few mistakes, as babies come with no one manual, which also makes every parent unique in their own way. If you are...

Is your kid a fussy dresser?

Buy approved items only Experts also suggest making your kids try the outfit before you buy them. This is because many kids are sensitive to texture ...

How to Start Running for Beginners

When you start running, don't plan to go too far or too fast right away—doing so is the number-one cause of injury among runners. Start by...

Reasons to Run On the Treadmill Instead of Outside

One of the major benefits of running on a treadmill is that it's a softer surface and therefore less force on your joints. While running on trai...

Functional Strength Workout

Bulgarian Split Squat with Dumbbell Curl A. Stand on the right foot approximately 3 feet in front of a bench or step, with the ball of the left foot ...

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