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Why baby might be having a diaper rash

As helpful and easy-going diapers are, the most unpleasant things for a baby is developing a diaper rash. Not only can it make the skin itch, turn re...

How to respond when your kid says, "I hate you"

No doubt, it can be hurting and soul-crushing when your child utters such words for you, no matter how young or old he is. But you need to stay calm ...

Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy is relatively common. However, bleeding from the vagina at any time in pregnancy can be a dangerous sign, and you should al...

Combined prenatal smoking and drinking greatly increases SIDS risk

Smoking and drinking while pregnant can greatly increase the risk for sudden infant death syndrome, according to a new government-funded study. In a ...

Signs that your body needs water

Headaches:  When the body is dehydrated, the brain can temporarily contract or shrink from fluid loss. This mechanism causes the brain to p...

Foods and exercises to avoid heart problems during pregnancy

  Pregnancy marks a special time in every woman’s life, but it is not without its complications. There are a number of natural process...

Safest home remedies to treat constipation in infants

Breast milk can be easily digested by babies and is considered a natural laxative. Thus, constipation in breastfed babies is rare, but this does...

Drawbacks of performing yoga incorrectly

Yoga is a low-impact physical activity, offering myriads of health benefits. Apart from making you physically flexible, increasing muscle streng...

How long does it take to tone muscles

Muscle toning and muscle building is a time taking process, which requires consistency and the right strategy. Apart from this, it also depends ...

Four important steps of an exercise routine

Planning a workout routine as per your requirement and fitness level is a challenging task. You do not want to make any mistake that can halt yo...

ways your workout can affect your skin

Exercising regularly is not only beneficial for your body, but it is also good for your skin. It increases blood flow, nourish skin cells and ke...

Safest home remedies to treat constipation in infants

​Safest home remedies to treat constipation in infants Breast milk can be easily digested by babies and is considered a natural laxative. Thus, const...

Desk plants can reduce stress at work

Indoor plants can be an inexpensive way to brighten up the decor of an office space, and a new Japanese study suggests that they can also improve you...

Signs you are definitely fertile

If you are planning to add a little member to your family, it is important that you understand how exactly ovulation works. Ovulation is just another...

Home remedies to get rid of nausea immediately

Home remedies are safe Feeling nauseated is not a very pleasant experience. The uneasy nauseous feeling and vomiting sensation can spoil your mood an...

All you need to know about IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the first thing that comes to a couple's mind when they lose hope of conceiving naturally. Deciding to go for IVF is ...

Simple homemade pregnancy test to try

Homemade pregnancy test to try Whether you are trying to conceive or you're worried that you might be pregnant, getting a pregnancy test kit from the...

The easiest way to balance your blocked chakras in 3 minutes

How to balance your blocked chakras A lot of people are not aware that the 7 chakras present in our body have a lot to do with how we feel, both ment...

Surprising link between stress and skin problems

Emotional, physical, or mental, stress is an unavoidable part of the modern-day busy life. It all starts with your mind, but the impact is so po...

Most common myths about crystal healing

Crystals were used in different civilisations for healing purposes. These ordinary-looking stones are an incredibly powerful tool to balance your lif...

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