Parenting Tips To Hold Your Newborn

So it's finally time to start a new life with your baby, but then you realise that you have no idea what you're doing! Along with the bundle of joy, you have to face many parenting challenges as well. If you doubt whether you are doing everything right, don’t worry! It is a natural feeling of all the first time mothers. One of the most common doubts that all new mothers face is how to hold a newborn baby.Among the things to know about newborns, holding the baby is very important because any careless act from your side can harm your baby’s weak neck muscles. For those confused mothers who are concerned about how to hold a newborn baby, here are some easy and effective tips that will help you to lift, hold and cuddle your baby without any tension.

1.Find a comfortable position: There are many different ways to hold a baby. Try to select the most comfortable one for you. If you ask an experienced mommy about how to hold a newborn, they may suggest to you the cradle hold and the shoulder hold, which are the most comfortable ones.

2.Do it slowly: Lift your baby only after you are sure that you have grabbed him/her well. The most secure way to pick your baby is sliding one hand under the baby’s head for support, while keeping your other hand under the bottom. This will help keep the baby’s neck supported and will make the baby comfortable as well. If you are still unsure how to hold your newborn baby, you can ask your doctor to advise you on the right techniques of holding a baby.

3.Be careful: Take care while you lift your baby’s head. Always support the head and neck because newborn babies will not have much neck muscle control. Remember to keep one hand behind the neck whenever you lift your baby.

4.The cradle hold: The most common position for holding a newborn baby is the cradle hold. Keep your baby’s head resting on your chest, while sliding your hand from the bottom up to support their neck. Gently move the head to the crook of your arm and support the neck.

5.The shoulder hold: Lift your baby and bring him close to your chest with his head over your shoulders. Take care to give support for the head and neck with one hand, while keeping the other hand on the bottom. One thing to know about holding your newborn baby is that the shoulder hold is the best position for winding him/her.

6.Hold them safely: Once you lift your baby, bring them close to your warmth. This will not only make your little one feel safe and secure, but also will help you get more balance in holding them. You can hold them sitting down as well by laying them face-up with head resting on your knees and feet touching your tummy.

These are the parenting tips to hold newborns. Desk: Asianet Online