Plants That Should Be Avoided Indoors

Everybody likes to own a garden at home. By hook or crook we make sure that we leave a small space for the lawn in order to grow our favourite plant and shrubs. At the same time, many of us love to keep plants at home for decor purpose; be it at the side walk of stairs case, in between the sofas or even at the entrance. In order to enhance the home decor, we strive to experiment with indoor plants which is considered economical and brings freshness to the house. However, it is very important to realise the fact that the plants that we keep indoors might not adjust to the indoor environment as they need ample amount of sunlight.

Indoors, find out the requirements of the plants. The reason is no matter what light conditions your house has to offer, many plants need sun light to grow and flourish. At the same time few plants also need to have space in order to spread. And if the space is small, the plants will be small and stunted. Hence apart from sunlight, even the space matters for the plants to spread their roots and branches. However, there are other plants which though adds life and colour to any home are not meant to be kept at home for various reasons.Here are some plants that should be avoided indoors.

Plants that should be avoided indoors are:

1.Adam's Needle: An evergreen plant, Adam's needle is a short plant that resembles a small desert palm plant. It produces a series of thick stalks that sprout fluffy white blossoms which is very attractive and looks good when kept indoors. However, the flowers bloom best in dry heat and plenty of sunlight. You can keep this plant in your garden as it is best suited there.

2.Aloe Vera: Swara Bhasker's Fusion Outfit Combine Eye-Catching Contrasting Details Want To Boss Up Your Wardrobe? Take Cues From Kajol He Has Half Of His Nose Cut Off And His Ears Removed To Look Like A Skull Featured Posts Many of us aspire to keep cactus indoors. Aloe vera, in this case fetches more votes as it is known for its medicinal values. But one needs to realise that aloe vera should not be planted indoor as they need direct sunlight and requires well drained soil. If this plant is kept indoor, the moist content in the soil may spoil the plant.

3.Russian Olive: Who does not like the bonsai? Bonsai plants anytime looks good and classy, it also adds zest to your interior decor. And if you are trying to create a bonsai art out of Russian olive, then your idea should be ruled. Russian olive trees are massive not only thrive in sunlight, but also have thorny branches.

4.Bush Clover: The growth of the plant depends on the pot you plant them in. This flowering plant have the capacity to grow far and wide if it is planted in a ground. If this is grown in a pot, the growth is studded which equally looks good. This plant is best grown as a bordering ground cover in a summer flower garden because they thrive best in full sunlight and warm temperature with weekly watering. 

5.Echinacea: This plant produces beautiful large pink flowers which looks extremely graceful indoors and is a very good for home decor. But unfortunately, echinacea is a complete garden flower that grows at its best when planted in full sunlight. What if it cant be planted indoors? You can plant them in your garden as it can grow in any quality of the soil. And what more, they add beauty and gives a serene look to your garden.

These are the plants that should be avoided indoors. Desk: Asianet Online