Reasons To Avoid Sending A Sexy Selfie

Today ‘Selfies’ are trending and how! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more – selfies today are the ‘in’ thing everywhere. Everyone is doing it. Selfies are sported at almost any place right from the top of the Eiffel Tower to your bathroom. With front cameras becoming as common as rodents, selfies are all the easier to be clicked. While selfies can be fun to be indulged in, there are a few kinds of selfies that is best avoided. One of kind is a sexy selfie. Here are four reasons why we think so.

1. Pouts are ugly: Smile and the world smiles with you.Pout, and you look like a duck!“Duck face” as they call it, it now the latest fever among girls who are under the perception that it actually makes them look sexy! So much so that today if you look around social media sites, you will hardly find girls smiling for pictures. No matter how attractive their smile is, the minute they are having the camera pointing in their direction for a selfie, their lips mechanically morph into this stupid pseudo-model-wannabe duck-face pout!Contrary to their perception, a pout does nothing to make them look sexy. In fact it can seem irritating and they could actually have others laughing at their pathetic attempts to look like a supermodel.

2. Bad camera angle: Selfies can be great to indulge in as they are trending. However you cannot miss the basic rule that for a photo to appear good, the camera has to be placed at a distance from you. This distance has to extend the size of your arm. As a selfie does not allow you to do so, it will not help much in making you look sexy. If you want a goofy click a selfie maybe your thing. But if you want something sexy, you will require help to get the picture taken.

3.Difference in opinion: Sexy is a very subjective term. What your definition of sexy is, might be another person’s definition of vulgar. So while you are thinking that you are looking really sexy, someone else might be criticizing the vulgarity that your selfie exhibits.

4.Risky – affair: Cameras do good to preserve memories; but can be a curse when you have malicious people over the internet taking advantage of them. You never know who could take advantage of your sexy selfies that you post over the internet. For all you know, they might use your picture on some porn website. It is always better to safe than sorry.

These are the reasons to avoid sending a sexy selfie. Desk: Asianet Online