Reasons To Use Maternity Belt During Pregnancy Period

A maternity belt is an abdominal band which helps pregnant women by supporting their strained lower back and abdomen. These belts can also be worn after pregnancy to help the bulging muscle return to shape.The flexible band is particularly helpful for pregnant women during the second and third trimesters.Here are some benefits of usin maternity belt during pregnancy period.

1.Decreases Pain: A lot of women have back and joint pain during pregnancy, which makes it difficult for them in carrying out the day-to-day activities. Belly bands give support to the lower back and the baby bump while doing various activities, thereby reducing the overall pain.The pain may include round ligament pain that occurs during pregnancy. It is felt on the front of the hip and below the belly during the second trimester. The reason for this pain is extra burden on the ligaments because of the growing uterus. Belly bands help in distributing the baby' weight, hence reducing the pressure on the joint ligaments.Besides, increase of the relaxin hormone during pregnancy, which makes the hip joints loose, can result in Sacroiliac joint pain. Sometimes, the pain can be intense in the lower back because of this. Wearing a belly band gives a support to the joint, soothing the pain.

2.Gentle Compression: If you give your baby bump a gentle compression during regular activities, it will support the uterus and reduce discomfort during movement. But, ensure that the compression isn't too tight to disrupt the blood circulation in the abdomen.

3.Helps You Engage In Your Daily Activities: Regular movement during pregnancy reduces the possibilities of hypertension, depression and diabetes; but physical pain and discomfort stop a lot of women to engage in daily activities. Wearing a belly band can therefore decrease the discomfort and help you engage more in physical activities.

4.Helps Those Having Hernia: Belly bands help women who have hernia during pregnancy.

5.Helps The Body's Posture: Considerable use of the belly bands gives your lower back a support and facilitates the body's posture. This prevents the lower back from getting overextended. Pregnancy generally sees the extra weight being carried in front of the body combined with the stretching of the spine-supporting muscles.

6.Post-delivery Benefits: Your body muscles and ligaments get loose after delivery and take time to heal. Also, you have to look after your newborn now. Wearing a belly band during this phase makes it much more comfortable for new mothers by tightening their abdominal muscles.

A belly band, however, is only an external fix to your body's problems during and after pregnancy. It is also not good to over-depend on these bands and other exercises should also be done along with wearing the maternity belt during and after pregnancy to improve your muscles. Always consult a doctor/physiotherapist while it comes to using maternity belts. Desk: Asianet Online