Romantic Bedroom Ideas You Must Try Out

1.Aromatic candles

Romance is always incomplete without candles. Bring a large number of candles with wonderful scents. Light them in different places in your room and if possible, shut off all artificial illumination.

2.Say it with petals

You can also try flowers. Bring different kinds of roses or any other flora that makes your partner likes. Spread them on your bed. You can even try to make a heart shape design with the help of red roses (provided none of you is allergic to them) or sprinkle them on a light colored bed sheet.

3.Match your drapes

If within your means, put on the curtains that contrast the color of walls or match your bed sheet shade. Keep many cushions on one side of your bed if it is of large size.

4.Plan the Cuisine

Do not forget the dinner. It is a good thought to prepare the favorite cuisine of you and your partner. If you are not a great cook, order the food from some restaurant you both admire.

5.Soothing Tones

On no account, disregard the importance of music. Melodies and harmonies connect our souls. Music helps to warm the mood and tone. Play something soothing and soft that makes the ambiance comfortable.

6.Reflect it all

One suggestion is to add beautiful mirrors proportionately. They make the look of the room inviting. You can also put the framed pictures of you two together on the walls. Desk: Asianet Online