Safety Tips For Card Cloning

They, the criminals will swipe your card through a machine known as a card skimming device to copy all of your credit card / bank customer details, which are stored on the magnetic strip (brown/black strip on the back of your card). Your details can then be placed on a new blank card, making it an exact replica of your card.They basically make a replica of your card, which gives them access to everything in your account including your credit card limit.When you are making any purchase with your card, never let your card out of your sight.

If there should be a problem with the machine and they need to fetch another one – hold on to your card.But remember, card cloning does not just happen when you are making a purchase, more than often it happens right under our noses when we are using the ATM.There is more than one way which they can use to clone your card.They can either distract you while you are busy doing a transaction, in order to get hold of your card or by placing a card skimming device over the card slot of the ATM.This way they can copy your card information once the card is inserted into the ATM.Here are some safety tips for card cloning.

Safety tips for card cloning are:

1.Cover your transaction: Use your body to block the keyboard from view. Also always cover your one hand with the other one while you are typing in your PIN.

2.Be Observant: Always be aware of your surroundings. If you feel unsafe or notice suspicious looking people hanging around the ATM – leave immediately.

3.Do not use ATM’s late at night or in secluded areas.

4.Monitor your bank statements: This way you will be able to pick up any unusual transactions.

5.Trust your instinct: If you have any suspicions or bad feeling when making a purchase – try & use cash instead.

6.Do not accept assistance: Do not let anyone interfere with your transaction. Sometimes fraudsters will pose as bank officials.

7.Never use an ATM that looks tampered with or damaged: Use ATM’s you are familiar with.

These are the safety tips for card cloning. , Desk: Asianet Online