Signs Of Early Miscarriage To Know

The medical term for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion. An early miscarriage is an event that occurs in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. An isolated miscarriage is defined as a single unpredictable event which happens because of a chromosomal defect in the egg or sperm.When a woman has experienced more than three miscarriages in a row, it is referred to as recurring miscarriage. Recurring miscarriage is a situation which necessitates medical testing to find numerous reasons why a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

The miscarriage data about early pregnancy may be mind-boggling and astounding. About twenty percent of all first-time pregnancies end tragically in miscarriage.The data are controversial however, since several ladies may miscarry early and not even understand it, most may not understand that they are undergoing a miscarriage and mistake it as a heavier than regular period and never even know the true scenario.

Experts believe the real rate of miscarriage during early pregnancy may be as high as forty percent to fifty percent with twenty percent of women experiencing multiple or repeated miscarriage.One of the most common signs of early miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding might either be light or heavy, continuous or irregular. Though vaginal bleeding is frequently an indication of early miscarriage, cases of bleeding within the first trimester might also occur with an ordinary pregnancy.

Pelvis cramping, abdomen pain or a constant, dull back pain might also accompany vaginal bleeding and be an indicator of early miscarriage. Blood clots or greyish coloured tissue, or any clots or tissue passing from the vagina could signal a possible early miscarriage. Desk: Asianet Online