Spices That Increase Breast Milk Production


How many of you new mothers add spices to your meal? A new study suggests that if you are having trouble with milk production, the only thing that can help is using home remedies.Apart from having a well-balanced meal and watching your weight gain, including certain spices to your beverages and meals can increase your breast milk production.Experts also state that these spices will have no effect on the baby as well and they will also benefit your health. Anise is one spice that you should add to your meals every single day.

This little and very adorable spice, anise, has properties that will not only help in milk production but will also help with easy digestion and treating cold and flu.It is said that in Chinese medicine, this star spice anise is added to medication for new mothers to consume. Anise has a compound called anethole.This compound is powerful, as it mimics the activity of oestrogen in a woman, hence it is an effective galactagogue that thereby boosts the quantity and quality of milk production in lactating mothers.Here are some things to know about that.

1.Add It To Tea: Why don't you try an anise herbal tea? You can either add it to your black cup of chai or you can add this spice to half a cup of boiling water and sip on it when lukewarm.

2.Love For Curd: If you don't like the strong aroma of the tea, add one or two of these spices to your bowl of curd rice. You can also add a pinch of this powder to a cup of curd to enhance its taste.

3.Include It In Rice: Anise is used in a lot of South Indian dishes. Add this spice to your pulav or biryani, to not only enhance the flavour of the food, but to also reap from its benefits.

4.Sandwich It Up: Instead of adding pepper to your sandwich, spice it up with some anise powder. Though the taste will not be that appealing, it will benefit your breast milk production for sure.

5.Boost Up Your Salad: If you are opting for a salad meal, sprinkle a little anise powder over to garnish it. You can add a little curd too, if you don't like the aroma of this Indian spice.

Though this spice is healthy for lactating mothers, consuming too much of it on an every day scale can give rise to problems in the baby. They will begin to feel restless accompanied with vomitting.

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