These measures work effectively for cleaning utensils properly

Now washing dishes is no longer as difficult as it used to be in earlier times. If you wash dishes regularly, then you can make your work easier by just keeping a few things in mind. Many women find it very difficult to wash dishes, although this is not so. So, let us know what important things to keep in mind while washing the dishes so that your utensils are always shining.

- Do not put the utensils together after washing, but keep the utensils separately in the stand. Then place it in a rack after wiping it with a kitchen towel.

-After washing the dishes, wash the soap and scrubbers too well, otherwise, it starts smelling. Keep this in mind especially in summer.

- After washing the utensils, clean washbasin also thoroughly and take care that it does not get encroached. Otherwise, the stain will be seen in the wash basin.

- If heavy or large utensils are kept with light or crockery for washing, first wash and remove light or crockery utensils. Otherwise, it can collide with heavy pots and break. Wash the spoon and knives in advance.

- After washing, keep the utensils in such a way that it can dry properly, otherwise it will smell. Keep in mind that before placing the utensils in the rack, wipe it well.

- If lubricated utensils are to be washed, first of all, keep such utensils in one place and put hot water and soap in it. So that it loses its smoothness and it do not have to work hard to wash.

- Gather a place before washing the pots, so that you do not have to run again and again. Keep all the other ingredients like scrubber, soap, and towel in front.

- After washing all the utensils, it should be washed in order from small to large. This will save water and utensils will also be cleaned thoroughly. Desk: Asianet Online