Things Not To Keep At Home According To Vastu

Indian vastu is very much similar to Chinese Feng Shui. It is a Hindu tradition of design to promote harmony with natural forces by incorporating certain factors in our home. There are many old wives tale going around about what things to keep at home and what not. It is a popular belief that if you keep your home and the things in it in coherence with vastu tips then prosperity and happiness will surely be there in your life.Here are some things that not to keep at home according to Vastu.

1.Image of Mahabharata: You should never keep an image of any of the scenes from Mahabharata in your house. Such things and images symbolises a never ending rivalry among the family members.

2.Taj Mahal: Though people recognize Taj mahal as the epitome of love it is actually the grave of Mumtaz, Shahjahan's wife. So any such show piece of Taj or its photo should not be kept at home as it symbolises death and passivity. And it is so believed that such things at home affect our lives gravely.

3.Nataraja: The image of a cosmic dancer Shiva is to be found in the house of almost every classical dancer. But there are two sides of the same coin. Nataraja symbolises this tremendous art form, at the same time it symbolises destruction. It is so because the dance form is actually 'tandava nritya', meaning dance for destruction. So an image or show piece of nataraja is one of things that should not be there in your home.

4.Sinking Boat: This is another image that should never be kept at home. A sinking boat shows a deteriorating nature in the relationships between family members. So if you have one at your house throw it out immediately.

5.Water Fountain: The way you decorate your home says a lot about you. Some water lovers keep amazing water fountains in their house. But according to vastu, no such thing should be there in your home as it signifies the flowing nature of an object. It means that the money and prosperity that comes in your life will not stay for long and will rather disappear with the flow of time.

6.Wild Animals: Any image or show piece of a wild animal is not to be kept at home as it depicts wildness in the nature of all things.It brings a violent approach in the nature of people living in the house.

These are the things that not to keep at home according to Vastu. Desk: Asianet Online