Things That You Never Do When You Have Periods


There are certain things that you must swear by and not do during your periods. It is that time of the month when you must give a break to most of the things that you have been doing, as it can adversely affect your health.When you're in pain, there can be a lot of adverse effects that might happen to your body. You are very familiar what happens when your periods hit, aren't you?Stomach cramps occur, your cravings will go for a toss and eating healthy will appear to be mainstream. Did you know that half the problems that we face during our periods can be solved by eating right?Further, some things that we do during our periods can turn out to be very dangerous.Here are some things that you never do when you have periods.

1.Do Not Have Unprotected Sex: The chances are high during this time to get pregnant. Further, to avoid infections, it is best to avoid intercourse when you're on your periods.

2.Never Skip Your Meals: You must never skip your meals during periods. Since you're losing a lot of menses during this time, the food you eat will help boost your energy.

3.Don't Opt For Intense Physical Workout During This Time: Doing your normal workout is fine. But if you have stomach or back pain, it is better not to do any intense physical workout, as it can only worsen your pain.

4.Say No To Eating Fast Food: Eating fast food at any time is not a good idea, especially during menstruation. This might affect your overall health and it is advised to stick to healthy foods during this time.

5.Do Not Stay Up All Night: Staying up all night during this time is known to make you feel tired the next day. Hitting the bed early will help erase your tiredness, which will make you feel a lot better the next morning.

6.Not Going To Work: You can go about your daily chores just like your normal day. Not going to office/school/college during this time is not required, as you might be tempted to do this every month and it is in no way beneficial.

7.Avoid Eating Cucumber: Cucumbers can be bad for you during this time, as the components in cucumbers can be the cause for some liquid to stay in the uterus wall.

8.Avoid Iced Water/Soda Water: You must avoid drinking these, as it may lead to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall. After 5-10 years, it can even lead to cyst or cancer cell formation.

These are the things you never do when you have periods. Asianet Online