Tips for Terrace Gardening

There are many of us who just love to garden, but are constrained by lack of space when we live in apartment complexes or big cities. Some of us may have a common terrace, while others can have a private terrace or a balcony. Terrace, balcony or a roof garden offer much more than beauty; they help in temperature control, helping keep your house cooler, provide you with fresh flowers and food, and can become a sanctuary in times of stress. It is one of the hobbies that can actually be therapeutic, constructive and fun at the same time. With the right guidance, there is no limit to the variety of plants you can grow in your terrace. Here are a few important tips that you need to keep in mind before you start a garden and a few more to make it functional and pretty at the same time.

1. Make sure your roof can hold all the weight.

This is the first and the most important thing you have to check before you start a garden. Putting too many pots or filling the terrace with soil can put a heavy strain on the roof leading it to crack sometimes. Spread out the potted plants so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the terrace and always consult a professional before filling it up with soil.

2. Water leakage

It helps if you make the terrace water proof or take extreme care while watering your plants, this way the water won’t stagnate or leak into the roof. Also there is less chance of moisture seeping into the roof. If it is too expensive to water proof your terrace, you can cover the surface with thick polythene sheets that won’t let water seep below. Also always keep the water outlet free of any blockage.

3. Maintenance

Before you start planting, make sure the soil is good, till and weed properly and take sufficient measures to keep pests away. The pests can always enter your house or your neighbors’ if you do not take care of them. Keep trimming the plants so that they do not overgrow.

4. Pleasing to the eye

You can either make your garden by growing vegetables and fruits or make it ornamental by planting a lot of flowering plants and ornamental plants. Plan ahead and coordinate the colors and plant them according to the season. You can also place a few rocks or chairs strategically to add to the aesthetic appeal.

5. Enough space to walk

When we start out, we usually get carried away and buy a lot of plants and end up crowding the whole space. Even if you buy a lot and want to have different varieties, make sure you leave enough space for you to walk around. This space ensures that you can water and take care of the plants without much concern.

Terrace gardening is very enjoyable. Take proper tips on maintenance and you have a joy to behold. Asianet Online