Tips To Deal With A Flirty Coworker

As if work pressure isn’t enough stress, many women all over the world also have to deal with unwanted advances from their colleagues. The general misconception is that things in life are quite smooth for pretty women, but it is certainly not so. Most of them have to tactfully avoid the flirting that they are subjected to, either by the superiors or the coworkers. Here are some ways by which you can deal such a problem at your workplace.

Tips to deal with a flirty coworker are:

1.Keep talking to the bare minimum: Entertaining a flirtatious guy can feel flattering and your ego would feel boosted. But if you have started to feel uncomfortable by too much of it, then you should start maintaining a distance from the flirt. Talk to him only when professionally required otherwise keep yourself occupied with work during other times and give him subtle signs that you are not interested in talking to him.

2.Don’t be rude: A flirt is more often than not just a harmless flirt. Some of them stop chasing a woman after they don’t get any response from her while some continue with their pursuit. Talk to him one on one and let him know that you are not feeling comfortable in the office due to this behavior and would only like to maintain professional and friendly relations with him. Don’t be rude while doing so because being rude should be your last option not your first.

3.Stick around with female coworkers if you can: If you are alone more often than with someone, chances are that men will zero in on you as opposed to other females who are always seen together. They will never dare to flirt openly in front of two or more women. So stick around and make friends with the females at your workplace. In this way you get new friends and you eliminate the unwanted flirtatious behavior.

4.Complain to a higher authority if things start to get out of hand: Sometimes the over friendly gestures of the flirt could get out of hand and going to the office could fill you with dread at the mere prospect of meeting him. You can’t possibly continue to work at a place you feel discomfort in. If after your warnings the flirt continues to do as he pleases, then it’s time you complained about him to a higher authority and put him to book.

5.Use humor: Flirty men always look out for support from others to woo a woman. You could turn the tables on him and diffuse the situation with humor by making a joke about the flirter’s behavior when you are with a group of coworkers and he is present too. This not only tells other workers about your situation, but it will also embarrass your flirter. This light embarrassment will likely cause your flirter to stop.

6.If you have a man in your life, show it: Flirtatious overtures are not only limited to single women because men don’t categorize their liking for someone, like women do. Even if you have told him that you are already committed and he has no chance, he would probably not stop. So if you have a husband or a boyfriend, tell him to come and pick you up after office, visit you during breaks or drop you off to office. This way the errant coworker will see for himself that he really has no chance and would stop wasting his energy on you.

These are the ways to deal with a flirty coworker.