Tips to get rid of cockroaches

Summer season has come and cockroaches become the biggest problem for us at this time, which are uninvited guests and are found in the corners of the whole house. It rule from the kitchen to the bathroom. Now today we are going to tell you the home remedies to get relief from this. Let's know.

1. Bay leaves - If there is a large quantity of cockroaches in your house, keep the bay leaves as the cockroaches run away due to its smell. In the corner of the house where there are cockroaches, mash some leaves of bay leaves and you will benefit.

2. Mix baking powder and sugar- For this, mix equal quantity of baking powder and sugar in a bowl and sprinkle this mixture on the affected area. will benefit.

3. Clove smell - Clove is also a good solution to drive away cockroaches. Put some cloves buds in the kitchen drawers and store room shelves. Cockroaches will run away and will not come again.

4. Borax - Spray the borax powder from where the cockroach comes from. By doing this the cockroaches run away. Keep in mind that borax powder should be kept out of the reach of children.

5. Kerosene Oil - For this, put kerosene oil from where the cockroach comes from because the smell of cockroaches starts escaping. Desk: Asianet Online