Tips To Preserve Wedding Sarees Or Dress


There is an old age saying – Store your wedding saree in a nice plastic bag to keep it for years, until your daughter can wear it when she gets married. You should know, if you want your daughter to wear your wedding saree or wedding dress in years to come, you need to remove it from the plastic bag. The reason being, plastic is not good for storing any garment as it can ruin your expensive wedding saree or wedding dress.The plastic bag contain chemicals which break down, staining your expensive wedding dress or wedding saree. The stain which is usually yellow in colour is difficult to remove, even by the dry cleaners, which later you need to change the colour if you want to keep the dress or saree.

Along with the yellow stain, you will also detect a slight odour from the stored wedding saree or wedding dress. The chemical from the plastic seep into the wedding saree or the wedding dress, at times allowing the material to tear and weary.Here are some tips to preserve wedding sarees or dress.

Tips to preserve wedding sarees or dress are:

1.To preserve your wedding saree or your wedding dress one of the important tips to follow is to store the clothing in a dark area. The fabric is best kept where the temperature and humidity is less constant. The air around the wedding saree or wedding dress should be free from pollutants.

2.Be careful as to hold you fold the dress or saree. When the fabric is folded and stored for long, it causes sharp creases which is difficult to remove. Therefore, the best remedies to preserve your wedding saree or wedding dress is to change its folding position after a month or so.

3.Do not store the dress or saree with mothballs or repellent crystals to keep cloth worms away. These repentants give out chemical fumes which can come into contact with the fabric, causing it to discolour.

4.Your wedding dress or wedding saree can be protected with the help of tissue paper or muslin cloth. All you need to do is place a cotton box liner at the bottom of the wedding garment in the storage box.

5.When you remove the wedding saree or wedding dress from the box to wash or dry clean it. Place it under the sunlight for 15 minutes. You can wash the wedding saree or wedding dress at home with a mild shampoo.

These are the tips to preserve wedding dress or sarees. Desk: Asianet Online