Tips To Remove Milk Smell From Items

There are many utensils which can stink of several ingredients like milk, garlic, onion, eggs, fish and meat. However, getting rid of the the stink off the utensils can become tricky at times. This is more commonly faced when you try to clean a bottle. Be it a glass or plastic bottle, the stink of milk and other beverages is so strong, that getting rid of it becomes a challenge. For example, cleaning baby bottles is very difficult as the smell of milk is so strong that it won’t go even after a few washes.

Similarly, if milk spills on the floor, carpet or even clothes, it doesn’t go off immediately. Instead of scrubbing and wasting all the strength just to get rid of the stink, you can also use some simple home remedies that can work wonders. Often people find it hard to get rid of the milk odour which is very strong and pungent as well. The milk odour can make your item stink like rotten egg. If milk falls on the carpet or cloth, it will stink miserably after sometime.For example, rinsing off the milk immediately will prevent the formation of odour. Always remember, as soon as milk spills on something, clean it instantly. If the milk spoils, it will start stinking.Here are some ways to remove milk smell from items.

Ways to remove milk smell from items are:

1.Rinse Immediately: This is one of the best ways to remove milk smell from bottle, carpet and clothes. If you leave the milk to dry, it will start stinking. So, wash the bottle and utensils with a soap solution. For carpet and clothes, use plain water and then wipe off to get rid of the stinking smell.

2.Cleaning Solution: To remove milk smell from carpet and clothes, use a cleaning solution. You can use the soap solution. Wipe off the milk from carpet with dry towels first and then use a wet soapy sponge to get rid of the stinking smell. For clothes, soak them in the soapy solution for sometime (around 20 minutes) and then rinse with fresh water.

3.Lemon: Lemon is a citrus fruit which has a sweet and strong aroma. Using lemon juice is one of the best tricks to get rid of the smell of milk and any other ingredients like fish, egg from utensils. Wet a sponge with lemon and water solution and then rub on the stain.

4.Vinegar: Milk can leave stains behind. So, use vinegar after removing the milk. Apart from removing the odour, vinegar will also lighten the stain.

5.Rinse With Hot Water: If you rinse off the milk with hot water, it will help get rid of the stink instantly.

These are the ways to remove milk smell from items. Desk: Asianet Online