Vehicle Parking Safety Tips

Safety is important to safeguard you, your vehicle and your most important possessions:

  • Lock your Vehicle
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Close Windows
  • Keep your windows completely closed.
  • Avoid Parking Vehicle in Dark
  • If parking during the evening, find a spot in the well-lit area of the parking lot.
  • Park at Walking Distance

Always consider your path of travel to and from your vehicle and park in an area that will allow you to walk to your destination along the most well traveled and well lit sidewalks.

Avoid Parking in Isolated Locations

Do not park in isolated locations or behind obstructions that block you from the view of others.

Be Carefful in Time Judgment

Consider the time when you will return to your vehicle when choosing a parking location. It may be dark when you return. It is often advisable to relocate your vehicle before dark to a closer parking space for your return after dark.

Be Vigilant

Be aware! As you approach your vehicle, observe everything and look for things out of the ordinary. Also, check inside both front and back seat before you get inside.

Avoid Lingering

Have your keys in hand as you approach your vehicle. Don’t linger, get right in and then immediately lock your car.

Do not Ignore Danger Signs

Trust your instincts and seek help at the first sign of danger. If possible, ask a friend to accompany you to your vehicle. Carry small loads, and keep your hands free.

Park at Visible Location

Avoid parking beside large vehicles such as trucks or vans which can provide a convenient shield from eye-witnesses.

Avoid Disclosure of your Information

Never leave your mail visible within your vehicle, your address will provide a clue as to whether you are male or female, and give anyone information as to your home address.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Walk with confidence and purpose. When a criminal selects a victim, in many cases they’re looking for someone who appears vulnerable or out of place.

Protect your Valuables

Do not leave tempting valuables or property visible inside your vehicle. Lock these items out of sight in your trunk or leave them at home.
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