Ways That Exercise Decreases Inflammation

There are foods that reduce inflammation. But do you know that even exercise can indirectly help n reducing inflammation?The point is to keep yourself physically active. Whether you go to the gym or work in your garden, it doesn't matter. Your body needs to move if you wish to reduce inflammation.Instead of working out intensely twice or thrice a week, it is better to choose moderate levels of physical activity daily if you wish to use your workouts to reduce inflammation. Here are some ways that exercise decreases inflammation.

1.A study reveals that exercise minimises the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) which is an inflammation marker. In other words, if your CRP is low, internal inflammation is low.

2.Even researchers are still not clear how exercise reduces inflammation. But they confirmed that exercise reduces inflammation.

3.Researchers opine that exercise makes the body produce more anti-oxidants which fight free radicals that cause inflammation.

4.When you perform workouts regularly, your body assumes that you have a need to stay active and therefore, it produces more antioxidants that kill inflammation. In fact, working out can make your body forget its age.

5.In order to make your workouts reduce inflammation, get into activities like running and walking. 30 minutes of exercise a day is better than working out only in the weekends.

6.To reap the benefits, mix both aerobic activities and strength training. Walking, running and swimming along with lifting weights can lower the levels of CRP in your body and reduce inflammation.

7.Over training is bad. If you push yourself too much, it may increase inflammation instead of decreasing it.

8.Anger, anxiety and stress are bad. Such negative states may secrete more cortisol and other chemicals that increase inflammation. Keep yourself relaxed to reduce inflammation.

9.Try yoga. It is an excellent way of relaxing your body even while moving it. It surely works well when it comes to reducing inflammation.

These are the ways that exercise reduces inflammation.

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