Ways To Pair Pet Fish In A Bowl

Have you ever seen a more welcome sight than a pair of fish swimming a bowl happily? It is really rare for anybody to see a sight more pleasant that this. So imagine the fun if you could have them by your bed side everyday. Pet fish make really cute companions, especially couple fish; that is a pair of them in a fish bowl. According to popular mythology, two fish in a fish bowl are really lucky for a couple. So if they are pretty, easy to keep and lucky too then let us take a closer look at paired fishes as pets for you.Here are some ways to pair pet fish in a bowl.

1.First of all the whole beauty of this concept of paired fish is to keep them is a fish bowl. If you keep them in any other kind of vessel then it will lose its charm. There are other options available like fish tanks and aquariums but choose a bowl.

2.Only in a bowl do you get that geometrical advantage of seeing the fish from every single angle. That is specifically important when it comes to a couple fish. This is because they chase after each other and that is a wonderful sight to see them move around in circles playfully.

3.Usually these pet fish are gold fishes because they look the most brilliant. There is science behind keeping fish in pairs; they cannot survive without one another.

4.Another beautiful variety of fish that stay together are betta fish. They can survive in the less water because they have the mechanism to breathe at the surface of the water. The fact that they are extremely colourful also makes them a great choice for fish bowls. Male bettas are not great at adjusting but female bettas make great partners.

5.It is not like you cannot keep two different families of fish in a bowl together. If they are compatible and sufficiently non aggressive fish then they can live amicably. But it defeats the purpose keeping pet fish in a bowls as it steals the visual appeal of the perfect couple.

6.There are certain types of fish that you must never keep together. The first one that comes to my mind is piranha. Even two piranhas from the same sub breed cannot co exist because they will fight and kill each other in minutes. It is best to not pair two aggressive fish (from same breed or different ones) together. If they are equally matched then they will battle to death. If one is stronger then it will eat its partner.

7.When feeding you fish food then make sure you don't over feed them. In a bowl its very easy to overfeed so stand by and drop fish food one pellet at a time so that you can see your pet swallow it.

These are the ways to pair pet fish in a bowl.


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