Ways To Reduce Breast Size During Breast Feeding

Pregnancy is a time when you gain weight along with increased breast size. That is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy as there are many pregnancy hormones secreted lead to increase in your breast size. However, when you are breast feeding (lactation), the breast size increases more as lactation hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin are secreted. There is also accumulation of fat in your breasts during lactation and the weight of milk in your breasts also adds up to the breast size.Large breasts can make you feel embarrassed and it may also decrease your confidence. You may not look attractive and can't wear a dress that fits properly. Health issues such as breast tenderness, rashes below breasts, neck and head pain, shortness of breath etc can also develop. It may also affect your body posture and you may face difficulty in exercising. You can easily reduce your breast size at home by the use of simple home remedies during lactation or breast feeding. For this, you need to reduce body weight as it will eventually result in reduction of your breast size.Here are some ways for that.

1.Flaxseeds: They decrease estrogen levels and thus help to reduce breast size. They also aid in weight loss and keep your heart healthy. Mix one tablespoon of flaxseed powder in a glass of warm water and drink it daily.

2.Exercise: Exercise can reduce your breast size as most of the breast weight is fat. If you lose weight, your breasts will also come down to their normal size. If you will perform fat burning exercises, you will reduce the fat deposits in your breasts. You can do push-ups and chin-ups as they help in toning your breasts and removing the excess fat.

3.Massage: It reduces body fat including breast fat. Massaging your body, increases blood circulation and increases the rate of fat burning in the fatty tissues. You can massage your breasts with olive oil or coconut oil in circular and upward motion.

4.Avoid Fatty And Sugary Foods: You must change your eating habits even while you are breastfeeding. These foods will further increase your body fat as well as the breast size. Avoid eating these foods if you want to reduce breast weight.

5.Eat More Fruits And Vegetables: Eat foods rich in fibre such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oats, cereals etc. These foods will fill your tummy and are healthy too.

6.Green Tea: Green tea is rich in catechins which aids in weight loss as well as reducing your breast size. It increases the rate of metabolism so that all accumulated fats are burned.

7.Ginger: It can help you to reduce your breast size by increasing the metabolism of fats. Your breast fat will get burned easily and quickly after having ginger. You can have a ginger tea by boiling ginger slices and then adding a little honey.

8.Egg White: You can apply egg white on your breasts which will make them firmer and tighter. Massage with egg white on your breasts and leave it for 30 minutes. Later wash off.

9.Neem And Turmeric: They help in reducing the swelling of breasts during breastfeeding. Boil neem leaves and add a teaspoon of turmeric. You can also add a little honey for taste. Drink this mixture two times a day.

10.Fatty Fish: Fishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel etc. are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce estrogen levels in the body and thus help in reducing breast size. They also assist in over all weight loss.

These are the ways to reduce breast size during breast feeding.

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