Why You Must Never Eat Lunch At Your Desk

Eating at your desk during lunch is not considered a good habit due to many reasons. Though there are several laws in workplaces, the workaholic or the pretending-to-be workaholic ones tend to eat at their desk. Most of you tend to eat at your desk, as you feel that time shouldn’t be wasted and must be used productively.Sitting at your desk for longer hours can also increase the stress levels. Further, sitting for longer hours can also bring about a whole lot of health issues like back pain, leg disorders and increased risk of heart disease. Getting up once in a while is important for both your mental as well as physical health. By not eating lunch at your desk, you’re actually giving your body a break.Here are some reasons why you must never eat lunch at your desk.

Reasons why you must never eat lunch at your desk are:

1.Increased Long-Term Health Risk: Eating lunch at your desk implies that you’ll be seated for longer hours. This can actually make you sick in many ways. Sitting for hours can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can also increase the risk of diabetes. Hence, eating at your desk is unhealthy.

2.Sore Joints: Sore joints are an unavoidable condition that occurs when you stay at your desk to eat. Staying seated for longer hours can lead to tension in the muscle and joints. Sitting for longer hours can weaken the hip and core muscles. This can also cause problems anywhere else in the body.

3.Stress: Work can definitely be stressful, but eating at your desk can actually make it even more worse. If you don’t take time off, then you’ll never have the time to recover from it. This can lead to burnout and fatigue.

4.Brain Fog: Once our energy source is depleted, then the next situation will be a foggy brain. You need to actually move around in order to pump fresh blood and oxygen up there. Hence, eating lunch at your desk is a health hazard.

5.Reduced Productivity: You’ll no longer be able to multi-task like how you used to do with ease earlier. This can lead to a decrease in the quality of your work and you cannot remain free of distraction.

6.Lack Of Balance: Staying in work mode every time can lead to a full body burnout or fatigue. Hence, you need to give yourself a break often in order to prevent this situation. This will let you know why it is bad to eat at your desk every day.

7.You’ll Miss Out On Inspiration: Apart from stress, the monotony can actually lead to the lack of creativity and ideas. Going out once in a while can give you the time to go through your tough problems with ease. But staying at your seat will only make you stare at the computer screen in frustration.

These are the reasons why you should not eat lunch at your desk.

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