Worst Breakfast Habits For Your Waistline

Breakfast is considered to help you give a start to your day. So it is necessary to have a healthy breakfast not only to maintain your waistline but also to keep a good health.But these days when people are in a hurry early morning to rush to office, they hardly have the time to sit down quietly and enjoy the meal.They usually tend to grab a leftover food or prepare something that hardly takes a few minutes. Such kind of breakfast is better than not having your breakfast.Here are some worst brakfast habits for your waistline.

Worst breakfast habits for your waistline are:

1.Adding Sugary, Fatty Creams To Your Coffee/Tea: A cup of cappuccino with a lot of fatty cream may sound very delicious on an early cold morning, but those extra cream put on the extra kilos that add to your bulging figure. Similarly, having tea with a lot of sugar is not at all healthy. Instead, opt to have green tea and if required add a spoon of honey to it.

2.Drinking Energy Drinks: You may feel that an energy drink is necessary to kick-start your morning, but the preservatives that these drinks contain add on to the sugar level which is not healthy for us. But a glass of fresh fruit juice without sugar can be beneficial in striking a nutritious balance in your overall diet chart.

3.Adding Too Much Salt: Salt is an important part of cooking. It is a taste enhancer, but too much intake of it can lead to increase in high blood pressure level. Many of our breakfast is filled with food containing a lot of salt like parathas, French toast, poha, fried egg, etc.; even for boiled egg people need salt. So why not try out other seasonings like paprika, chili flakes, oregano! They even add taste to your food but limit the salt content.

4.High-fat Breakfast: It takes a lot of time to burn a high-fat contained breakfast. It is recommended to have something light for your breakfast like a bowl of milk with cornflakes and some fruit toppings or a bread toast with boiled egg and a glass of juice. A high-fat breakfast like noodles & upma makes you feel bloated all throughout the day.

5.Overloading Fibre: Fibre is required for proper functioning of our body. But too much of it in one go can make you feel bloated all throughout the day. It is advisable to have a bowl of oats without sugar as a healthy breakfast option.

6.Skipping Breakfast: Skipping breakfast for sleeping can be detrimental to your health. It disrupts the metabolism rate in the body and makes you feel hungry when you wake up. This results in eating an excess of food at one go. Therefore, the body stores this fat which is not a healthy sign for your waistline. So, having breakfast is a must. Break your meals with a gap of 2 h for proper digestion.

7.Eating Leftover Cakes Or Pizzas: This is one of the trends that most of us follow. Eating leftover food like a cake or pizza or having waffles early morning can make us fat. Such heavy food as a morning breakfast is a strict no as it will make you feel sluggish for the rest of the day.

8.Adding Sugar To Oats: Oats are a healthy breakfast option but adding sugar to it eventually turns it to be the worst breakfast meal. As a supplement, add dry fruits and honey to make the oats even tastier.

9.Watching TV While Eating Breakfast: Watching television while eating, can often make you overeat without your knowledge. Your entire concentration is focused on the television, rather than the flavour or texture or quantity of food that you intake.

10.Over Indulging In Dairy: Milk is a healthy option as a breakfast, provided you keep a check on the other ingredients you add to it. Adding too much sugar with milk reduces the effectiveness of milk. Similarly, adding in too much of cheese and butter to your food will never let your desire of having an hourglass figure be fulfilled.

These are the worst breakfast habits for your waistline.


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