British PM isolated as Brexit strategy hangs in the balance

Accused of presiding over an unprecedented national humiliation in her chaotic handling of Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May has all but lost control of her party and her government.

The Conservative leader has in the past won praise for her determination and ability to survive what has often felt like one long political crisis since the 2016 referendum vote to leave the European Union.

But her approach to the endgame, refusing to accept MPs' opposition to her divorce deal and agreeing to delay Brexit to try for a third time to get it through, has prompted frustration and anger on all sides.

Ministers from both the pro- and anti-Brexit camps in her cabinet have in recent weeks joined scores of Conservative MPs in defying the government in parliamentary votes.

After yet another bruising Brussels summit for the prime minister, British newspapers were full of moves by her colleagues to oust her.

In an editorial, Conservative-supporting Spectator magazine suggested May was the 'worst prime minister in our history'.

It condemned her "lack of imagination, inability to lead a team or solve complex problems" -- although it also accused the ruling party itself for failing to find a better leader.