India is very important inspiration: UN cheif

Describing India as a 'very important inspiration' for the international community, UN chief Antonio Guterres has commended the country for its leadership in a development partnership fund with the UN that he said has emerged as a vital example of deepening South-South cooperation.

Guterres thanked India for its "strong commitment to multilateralism" and to partnership with the United Nations, which he said is expressed in many ways across the global agenda and seen through the activities of this "important" fund.

India played a very important role in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals. And even before the Goals were crystallized, India's own development efforts and vision reflected many of the same priorities and aspirations. India is, for all of us, a very important inspiration, Guterres said in his remarks to an event marking the first anniversary of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.

The Fund shows the further deepening of South-South cooperation, an increasingly valuable dimension of our work for development, the Secretary General said.

The UN Chief, who is expected to visit India later this year, commended India for its leadership and solidarity , saying he looks forward to further engagement with the country on the fund.

And, I will have the opportunity soon in Delhi to congratulate the Indian government on this very very important initiative, he said at the event attended by several UN Ambassadors and diplomats.