Joe Biden's win in Georgia reaffirmed after recount

Washington: Georgia's hand recount has been completed and President-elect Joe Biden's victory has been reaffirmed, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger said.

According to a statement from Raffensberger, the hand recount upheld and reaffirmed the original outcome produced by the machine tally of votes cast. 

"Georgia's historic first statewide audit reaffirmed that the state's new secure paper ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results," Raffensberger said. "This is a credit to the hard work of our county and local elections officials who moved quickly to undertake and complete such a momentous task in a short period of time."  

The hand recount was part of an audit that is required by a new state law.

It is not connected to any suspected problems with the results of this election or an official recount request.