Mexico demands U.S probe on use of force against migrants

Mexico called on the United States to investigate the use of force by border patrol agents against members of a Central American migrant caravan who tried to rush the U.S-Mexican border on New Year's.

"The foreign ministry sent a diplomatic cable today to the United States embassy about the incident that occurred on January 1 in the border zone... In it, the ministry requested an exhaustive investigation of events that day," it said in a statement.

Mexico also repeated its call for an investigation into a similar incident on November 25, when some 1,000 migrants from the caravan tried to force their way into the United States and were pushed back by border patrol agents.

In both incidents, U.S Border Patrol fired tear gas to stop the migrants from crossing the border fence between the Mexican city of Tijuana and San Diego, California. They also fired rubber bullets during the November incident.

Around 100 migrants were involved in the New Year's border crossing attempt.

Most were forced to turn back by the tear gas. Twenty-five were arrested, U.S Border Patrol said.